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Sihanoukville Travel Guide, Tips & Info

This is a strange town. It serves 2 purposes, firstly it's where the boats take you to the islands (mainly Koh Rong) and back. Secondly it's a seedy town full of sex tourists and people getting absolutely smashed every single night. I don't think I've ever seen a place where the sex tourism is so widespread and accepted. I stayed for one night and had really quite a fun night out with a friend from Crusoe Island. We were pretty happy about our room with a shower and A/C after 4 nights on Koh Ta Kiev (see below), especially for only $7.50 each. Then we had some buckets and danced a lot on the beach. However that doesn't mean it's a place worth visiting. Of course, this mainly applies to the central part of time, Serendipity Beach. Otres and Otres 2 are much more relaxed beach areas which are apparently really nice (though not as cheap).

Tip: Get drunk and then leave quickly.


Monkey Republic

Good location, nice little room, $15 for a twin, included free beers.



Sister restaurant of Friends and Romdeng in Phnom Penh. Local food in a fine-dining style at cheap prices. Some dishes can be ordered as a half portion so you can try more things. Oh and it's all for a good cause. Recommended.


Serendipity Beach

Everywhere really. The real fun doesn't start until around midnight down at a few of the beach clubs. Dance and drink buckets!

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Please use my Cambodia food guide which has all of my favourite places and dishes for the best food in Sihanoukville.


Crusoe Island

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You get picked up by a boat from Sihanoukville and taken directly to the resort. To call it a resort definitely feels wrong. It's a very small area of beach and forest, with options to sleep in a tent, hammock or a 'bungalow' (without walls, it's basically just a roof over your head and nothing else). There's no running water so showers consist of getting water from a well and then using buckets to pour slightly muddy water over yourself. It's actually not that bad! If you want a relaxing break and to sit in a hammock and read, this place is perfect! Obviously you need to be ok with the basic lifestyle. Thanks to my childhood spent camping, I really enjoyed it.

Monkey Maya

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Fantastic hostel that's more like a backpacker resort. It's miles from anything else so you're forced to eat, drink and sleep there but that's a good thing. It's perfect for meeting people and while it's mostly relaxed and peaceful, there can be some drunken fun depending on the crowd.

There are a few deserted beaches and there's glowing plankton in the sea at night, so make sure you don't miss it.

I definitely want to return.

Last Updated: 2nd June, 2017