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Kep Travel Guide, Tips & Info

Only 30 minutes drive from Kampot, I used my motorbike to come here for a day trip. It's a great little town, mostly built around their famous crabs (the region's most dish is Kep crab with Kampot pepper). It also has a beach which was full of Khmer people when I was there. There's not too much to do, so if you stay here then it'll be to enjoy a nice resort or have a quiet time at the beach. Eating crab is the main activity and it's a great activity!



One of the most popular restaurants in Kep. The crab was very tasty but very messy!</p>

Holy Crab

Really lovely setting and delicious crab. It helps that they take the crab out of the shell. Less messy and I'm pretty sure you get more meat. Yum!


The Sailing Club

A fancy setting right on the water with great cocktails. We wasted quite a few hours here (in a good way).

Sights & Activities

Kep Crab Market

Watch the hectic sale of crabs straight from the water. Loved it!

Last Updated: 2nd June, 2017