Travel like a local

Đèn Lồng


Very touristy, small portions and over-priced but it's still a nice place with a large menu and tasty food. Like most restaurants aimed at holiday-makers, it's style over substance but some people prefer modern westernised restaurant settings to sitting on plastic stalls, which is understandable but the food is rarely as good as the local places.

Between three of us we had two portions of the soft-shell crab with tamarind sauce, seafood rice (served in half a pineapple), morning glory, mango salad with shrimp and a caramelised fish claypot. It was almost too much food despite the staff's recommendation of 6-7 dishes between us and the fact we were very hungry. It came to about 200k each which some people might think is cheap but most local dishes are 20-60k so that puts it in to perspective.

I won't be returning but it was nice enough.

Overall rating... 6.5/10