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Chị Ba - Bún Nước


Little noodle place in a side alley. It was busy when I arrived at about 7pm on a Saturday. It felt a bit like someone's kitchen or dining room.

Most people order "Mì trộn" which is a dish of wavy thin noodles and some crispy pork coated in a small amount of sauce but no soup. It comes with a slightly smaller version of "Bún nước muối ớt" (which I had originally ordered on its own, before I realised you got both together for 45,000d by just asking for "Mì trộn").

The Bún Nước is a peppery noodle soup with a poached egg, one king prawn, some tender beef, some miscellaneous meat and chives.

I enjoyed both dishes and loved this very local place. I'll be back, for sure!

Overall rating... 7/10