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Quán Bún Thịt Nướng Chị Thông


8.5/10 for their bún thịt nướng. Ask for "everything" to get the spring roll, beef and grilled pork (45,000d). Also make sure you put some chilli in to the fish sauce and add it all to the dish and then mix it all around.

The spring roll is crispy (using the thin flakey translucent rice paper); the grilled pork is tasty with some sweetness but not very tender; the minced beef is a good way to get some extra flavour in to the noodles (as the small pieces will be in every mouthful) but it's nothing special; the salad is chopped and placed beneath the noodles in the bowl, ready to be mixed; there are peanuts, which aren't very common, but add a little something; the fish sauce is given to you in a small bowl which is only just enough, I find; the location is great but the restaurant is modern and sterile (aesthetically, at least); staff are mostly friendly and speak basic English.

Overall, this is one of the best places for in District 1. I've been countless times and it's never let me down!

Note: It recently moved from 195 to 175.

Overall rating... 8/10