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Pizza 4P's Ben Thanh


Another branch of the hugely-popular Italian/Japanese fusion pizza restaurant. There will likely be waiting times, especially due to the tourist-heavy location.

The pizza is really delicious and they specialise in burrata cheese. If you're in Vietnam long enough that you need a break from the amazing local cuisine then this is a great option.

They also serve craft beer and wine.

Burrata Parma Ham Pizza

Their signature pizza with Parma ham, fresh herb leaves, cherry tomatoes and topped with a ball of burrata cheese which is cut open for you by staff like a flower. There's an option to add tomato sauce to the base which I always go for. The pizza is incredibly fresh and the burrata is wonderfully creamy. It's even better with the chilli oil added.

Burrata Parma Ham Margherita Pizza

Much more expensive than the standard Parma Ham pizza, it seems to be a tomato base and purely Parma ham (lots of it) but no leaves or fresh tomato. If you love ham then this might be the winner.

Eggplant Margherita Pizza

This is one of my favourites. The eggplant/aubergine is intense (possibly due to being dried) and there are capers (despite not being listed on the menu) which give amazing bursts of flavour. It's probably one of the best vegetarian pizzas I've ever had. It's at least worth trying as a half pizza along with something else.

Overall rating... 8.5/10

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