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Pasteur Street Brewing Company


Tiny bar but very trendy and delicious craft beers. This brewery seemed to be one of the biggest names early on in the now-thriving craft beer scene in Saigon.

They do tasting planks and American food. The quality of the beer is great with some genuinely interesting options. Here are a few...

Jasmine IPA

Possibly their most famous beer and one you'll find in other bars and restaurants. It's a lovely hoppy IPA infused with jasmine.

Thai Iced Tea IPA

This is my favourite beer they do but sadly it's not always available and I don't think they sell it outside their own bar. It's made using red tea which gives it a unique and wonderful taste. It seems to be a real crowd-pleaser so hopefully they make it one of their regular options.

Double IPA

My second favourite. Hoppy but with added strength and bitterness that makes it stand out as one of the better IPAs in Vietnam.

Overall rating... 8/10

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