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Heart Of Darkness Craft Brewery


My favourite place for craft beer in Saigon. Great venue and a fantastic beer selection with a lot of varied, interested choices. Here's a few...

Kurtz's Insane IPA

Possibly their most popular beer, certainly one that you see regularly in other bars and restaurants. It's a great hoppy IPA with some nice bitterness and one you can't really go wrong with if you like IPAs.

Turn My Head IPA

It's not one of their flagship beers but it's a seasonal that's returned. If it's available, give it a try as I prefer it to Kurtz's Insane IPA.

Pitiless Folly Pale Ale

Another flagship beer. It's their take on a British ale using Citra hops, it's more of a session beer compared to most of their range.

Overall rating... 8.5/10