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Chè Chuối Nướng Nam Bộ Út Lúa - Phan Đăng Lưu


The main location for this stall. The Chuối Nướng are 12,000d.

"They are a story about how staying true and humble to traditions can yield results. They hawk Chuoi Nuong – grilled banana wrapped with sticky rice and serve with a sweetish coconut milk sauce. The banana leaf acts as the only aromatic agent. Since participating at the inaugural World Street Congress in 2013, they have become food ambassador and minor culinary celebrities of sorts back home. They have since opened up a street side café but the mother stall still remain, at efficiently run street food stall where each grilled parcel is handmade and grilled to perfection."

— Ranked #37 at the World Street Food Top 50 2017