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A Tùng Bánh mì bò nướng bơ Campuchia


Very busy and popular spot opposite the market. The area with little seats and tables is also where the scooters park, so it feels a little bit like eating in a car park. There are also small stalls with drinks and snacks.

The main event is essentially buttered bread with grilled beef, apparently originally from Cambodia. There's the normal beef, which is tender and delicious, and some slightly strange sweet beef sausage balls. I think ordering 3 sticks (10,000d each) is about right per person. The bread is 5,000d and is quartered.

Note: Beware, there's a competing stall in the alleyway next to this place, with almost exactly the same name. I actually fell for it. Make sure you go to the blue sign with "A Tùng".

Overall rating... 7/10