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Bánh Mì Phượng


Very popular place for banh mi. They have a menu with different options. I went for option #9 with pork ham and pate (20,000d). It was tasty!

Possibly the longest queue for banh mi in Hoi An, probably because Anthony Bourdain went here years ago.

It looks like #9 (ham/pate) is the only traditional style banh mi but #5 (barbecue) & #13 (grilled pork) look good too.

Warning: I've read lots of reports of disorganised queueing and customers being regularly short-changed. By the sounds of it, they're intentionally stealing from customers. Due to the stall's popularity, there are a lot of foreigners who are probably not used to the currency and the scammers are relying on the customers not checking their change. Beware!

Overall rating... 7/10