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Bánh mì Lành


A banh mi stall on the side of the road, outside of town. It was 20,000d, possibly more than the locals pay. It was tasty but doesn't compete with the Banh Mi Queen.

"Not as well-known for tourists as banh mi Phuong or banh mi Khanh, banh mi Lanh is popular to the locals in Hoi An. Some locals even said that they prefer banh mi Lanh than any other banh mis in Hoi An including banh mi Phuong and banh mi Khanh. Madam Lanh just has a small cart on Cua Dai street with a plastic table and a couples of stools. Her secret is maybe in the pork liver pate which is wet, not solid like in the other shops. Madam Lanh’s banh mi has been known in the areas since the late 90s. With just from 10,000 – 20,000 VND, you will have a real tasty banh mi here."


Overall rating... 7/10