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Bò Né

What is Bò Né?

Beef steak (and maybe other meats including meatball, pate and sausage) with egg and veg, all sizzling on a plate. 'Né' roughly means "stand back" due to the sizzling/spitting from the hot plate. Served with tomato/chilli sauce and baguette. Really delicious, possibly my second favourite main meal. I was told in the Central Highlands that it's typically a breakfast but in Saigon it seemed to be most popular for dinner. I initially had trouble finding this but it's worth seeking out (the app is useful for things like this). My favourite is to order off-menu and ask for "2 trứng, bò, pa tê, nem" (2 eggs, beef, paté, grilled pork).

Typical price of Bò Né

25,000 - 35,000d

Where to eat Bò Né?

The best Bò Né in Saigon / Hồ Chí Minh City:

The best Bò Né in Buôn Ma Thuột: