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Madame Lan Restaurant


Massive selection of Vietnamese dishes in a lovely setting for a good price. Noodle dishes are roughly 45-65k, salads are about 100-150k and the fish is done per weight. Local beers are 16k.

We had the fish mi quang, bun thit nuong, bun cha and mango salad with seafood. All were tasty.

Unfortunately an otherwise-great experience was let down by poor management. Firstly we tried to order the banh beo as a starter while we looked through the large menu but were told it wasn't available and that it was only available Saturday & Sundays before 9pm - however it didn't mention that in the menu and actually it was Saturday at about 8.30pm, so it didn't make sense. Hearing this, I asked what else wasn't available so save us the trouble of choosing more dishes which we couldn't have. We were told about a few dishes that had run out but were specifically told that all the noodle dishes were available. We all ended up choosing noodles and then when we ordered we were told that 2 of them weren't available because the noodle section closes at 9pm. Firstly we were told that when we specifically asked what was available, secondly we were specifically told that noodles were available, thirdly the menu had no mention of the 9pm restriction and lastly, it was actually before 9pm!

After a few words with the manager, they reluctantly took our order and it was with us a few minutes later.

The staff were actually very friendly and helpful, it's just a shame that they subjected us to such poor organisation, communication and lack of desire to solve the problem.

Overall rating... 7.5/10