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Casa Urola


"As head of a centre for gastronomic excellence in a city with Europe’s highest concentration of Michelin stars per capita, deciding where to take dinner guests is not a decision to take lightly. The Basque Culinary Center’s Joxe Mari Aizega often comes to this restaurant and pintxos bar, indistinguishable in its old-fashioned looks from others in Parte Vieja, but serving exceptional food. Its chef, Pablo Loureiro, is blessed with the confidence to simply unleash the deliciousness of fish like wild turbot and serve the whole thing buttery soft on a plate to be picked apart, shared and marvelled over. Main course classics such as grilled octopus over kale, or anchovies and ventresca de bonito with guindillas (€16.50) are top-value, and the eggy, crunchy caramelised torrija a la antigua (€7) alone is worth the wait for a table."

— The Guardian article

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