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Bar "El Eme"


"Bright, shiny, and modern-looking, this family-run fast food joint is a Bilbao institution, famed for oozing, indulgently waist-thickening sandwiches to be eaten at the bar or scoffed in a plaza or park. While it is possible to order from a menu of traditional Basque basics, it’s the classic sandwiches – comprising homemade bread doused in mayonnaise and, crucially, a top-secret chin-dribbling sauce – that justify its boast: “El de siempre, el único” (which roughly translates as always the same, always unique). They’re the best in the world, say locals. Try a triángulo (ham, lettuce) or a spicy, surprisingly orange-coloured torre (Cantabrian anchovies, lettuce) and dare to say otherwise."

— The Guardian article

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