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Ramen Yashichi


Chicken ramen with char siu pork. It's a really popular place, only open on weekdays until 4pm. I arrived at 1.30pm and was given a ticket with a time written on it for half an hour later. When I returned, I had to select my choice from the vending machine. There is a menu with some photos and English and you can use that as a guide as the vending machine buttons have no English. Their famous chicken ramen has 2 buttons in the top left: small and large. I recommend getting the large version (990 yen) as you get chopped caramelised pork as well as the slices of char siu.

The broth is very rich, fatty and creamy (in a good way), tasting strongly of chicken. The noodles are perfect, the sliced char siu was tender and delicious, the caramelised pieces of pork were my favourite and reminded me of American bbq pork ribs. I really enjoyed it.

In total from when I arrived to getting the food, it was about 45 minutes but I wasn't in a rush and it was worth it. I liked that I could sit in the park or walk around instead of being stuck in a queue.

Overall rating... 9/10

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