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Okonomiyaki Chitose


I'm not usually a fan of trusting TripAdvisor when it comes to local food, but I was intrigued by this Okonomiyaki restaurant being number one at the time of my visit. I arrived with a friend about 20 minutes after it opened for lunch and we waited for about half an hour to be seated at the bar right in front of the action.

We shared three dishes between the two of us (out of greed and wanting to try as many options as possible) and struggled to finish it but just about managed as it was so delicious. We had the mixed okonomiyaki, mixed "modan yaki" (okonomiyaki with fried noodles inside) and "takasuga yaki" (the house speciality).

Due to its limited number of seats and the high demand, be prepared to queue for a while, especially at peak times.

Overall rating... 8.5/10