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Pizzaria La Notizia 94


"Coccia actively ‘holds court’ among the guests who sit ‘cheek to jowl’ in La Notizia’s whimsically decorated dining room. The pizzas are amazing, featuring great Neapolitan pizza dough and some of the finest local ingredients from Campania like bright yellow piennolo tomatoes and strutto, a local lardo. The team at La Notizia also make showstopping calzones, dreamy pockets of goodness filled with sausage and ricotta."

— A blog

"Revered at home and around the world for his scholarly command of Neapolitan pizza, maestro pizzaiolo Enzo Coccia was trained on the streets of Naples. He worked at his family’s pizza stand near the central train station and retains the glee of a boy clasping a folded, paper-wrapped, hot pizza. He can lecture on dough hydration or rhapsodize over the stretchy, stringy mozzarella clinging to a pizza as a slice of it is pulled away. It is this delicious paradox that makes Pizzaria La Notizia remarkable: you can order an inventive pizza with stunning ingredients and know the recipe was conceived by a learned pizzaiolo or choose a classic Margherita and appreciate it was designed for, and by, a kid. The one Coccia constant is the peerless dough. A second location is at Via Caravaggio 94.

What to order: Ciropedia; Del Contadino; Margherita DOP; Marinara; Napoletana" - Evening Standard